Sunday, March 03, 2013


The backflip is back.

Two hectic NHRA and NASCAR race weeks are over in the Valley of the Sun. I'm linking some of my Arizona Republic stories below -- please go to for more from me, Mark Armijo and others. Even if you think you read everything there was to read about Danica Patrick during Daytona, please see my Q&A with her, which got spectacular "play" in Sunday's paper. The questions asked were of SUBSTANCE -- and you might find her answers about the responsibility of being a role model, the media, and other things of interest.

Meanwhile, two things happened in the past week to prove yet again how far some highly paid (and hyped) people are out-of-touch with real-world reality:

I sent out a Twitter about the absurb proposed IndyCar schedule from Boston Consulting Group, as reported by the Associated Press. Why bother suggesting things that by contract -- and common sense -- aren't possible, certainly in the near-to-mid term? This is supposed to be a serious business organization? Just ridiculous.

Then, Sunday, on ESPN Radio, Bob Ryan and Mike Lupica chatted that the most important story of the year -- not just in sports, but everything -- is the Dennis Rodman visit to North Korea? Really? Two mouths living in their own, isolated, self-important world.

Monday notebook (Danica crash, etc.):

Sunday Danica Q&A:

Kyle Busch wins Nationwide race:

Saturday notebook (Danica, Junior, Yeley and IndyCar):

Thursday: Gordon, Bowyer return to scene of brawl:

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