Sunday, June 26, 2011


Some moments in life are humbling. No, I'm not talking about personal attacks from "fearless" anonymous chatroomers who pretend to know the facts -- but don't.

I offer this information For the Record:

Last week I won two medals in the 20th annual International Automotive Media Awards. This was for work published in 2010. This blog won the gold medal for commentary. Cited specifically was my Sept. 6 posting, "How to Fix the IRL on Versus." Not that anyone at IndyCar or the network or its production house will admit it, but an honest read of that blog compared with changes on the Versus' shows this year will reveal some influence.

I also earned a silver medal in the interview category for my November "Drags, Dollars & Sense" column on It was 10 Q&As with NHRA TV analyst Mike Dunn.

These two medals bring my career total of awards/honors for public relations, journalism, team accomplishments and lifelong contributions to auto racing to 51.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make such an unimaginable number a reality.

Here are links to the IAMA list and the two IAMA medalist articles:

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