Sunday, January 31, 2010


As some of you know, I've been under the weather for three weeks, apparently due to a bad reaction from government micro-managed health care recommendations.

Even in a sub-par state, however, I could see Toyota's leadership in Japan was slow to recognize -- and respond to -- the growing PR demo-derby in America due to recalls and tons of bad publicity related to unintended acceleration.

It made me remember how well Johnson & Johnson handled the Tylenol scare back in the early 1980s. By all business rights, that brand should have died . . . but was saved by a smart, in-tune management and aggressively candid PR.

It's amazing that, almost 30 years later, huge corporations haven't read their case studies.

I received an E the other day from Avis, which included this: ". . . if you are uncomfortable driving a Toyota vehicle, we will make every effort to offer you an alternative vehicle if one is available."

I respectfully refer you back to my first blog of 2010: In the non-Tiger category, no one/no thing has taken a bigger image hit than Toyota. And no corporation has more to prove in the next 11 months.

A Daytona 500 win would be a good start.

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