Thursday, August 13, 2009


We talked road racing driver development programs on Wednesday night's The Race Reporters. Newsmaker guests included Vicki O'Connor of the Atlantic Championship, Jim Jordan of Mazda, and Clark Campbell of VW. Jeremy Shaw, Mike Kerchner and Jamie Reynolds were media panelists.

Campbell, VW motorsports manager, on the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup series:

"The Jetta TDI Cup is certainly a value in motorsports. Volkswagen, in nine other countries and now the 10th country being the United States market, has a penchant for doing two forms of motorsports. One of them is young driver development series . . . what we're trying to do is showcasing some of our technology with the TDI clean diesel engine . . . It's a driver development program with more than just on-track activities. We bring other things to the program, such as media training for the drivers, a fitness program both on-line and off-line, at the racetrack, we have hospitality, we have a nutrition program and we even list the fat calories on the menu inside the hospitality tent. We give them sponsorship development classes. We try to make it something where a non-professional driver can have an opportunity to become more known."

Listen to the entire show here:

Upcoming guests:

August 19 -- Newsmaker: Brian Wolfe (Ford North America motorsports director). Panelists: Dustin Long, Larry Henry, Bob Margolis.

August 26 -- Newsmaker: Ashley Force Hood. Panelists: Holly Cain, Jeff Wolf, Bobby Bennett.

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