• UNCONVENTIONAL WISDOM: Woe are us, TV viewers. Remember when Bob Varsha smartly would say "turn up the volume" at the start of Formula One races so we could enjoy the roar of the high-revving engines? If anyone involved in the production of Formula E had a clue about what this series supposedly is all about (electric power), he/she would have instructed screaching announcer Jack Nicholls to shut up at the start of the series' debut in China, so we could have been shocked by the lack of such sound. Without that contrast, it looks like just another junior formula series (with ugly cars.) And then there was ESPN idiot Jonathan Coachman calling Brad Keselowski "brother" during a post-Chicagoland interview. Of course, Coachman wasn't credible reading his script as a pro wrestling announcer. Looks like a good candidate for White House spokesman.

Monday, March 05, 2012


I'm posting Sunday night after covering the Subway 500k at Phoenix International Raceway. I've listed a selection of links below if you'd like to read some of my Arizona Republic stories.

One important bit of news coming this week is the Hendrick Motorsports' appeal of NASCAR penalties to Chad Knaus, etc. My impression -- from what I was told off-the-record last weekend, and reading between the lines of some on-the-record comments, as well as assessing body language, is whatever penalty Knaus and team may end up with will not be to the degree originally announced.

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