• UNCONVENTIONAL WISDOM: NASCAR decided to interject itself into last year's controversies about Indiana's "religious freedom" law and display of the Confederate Flag in South Carolina and elsewhere. But I note no such grandstanding over last week's national debate about who can use what bathroom. Let's have the liberal members of the NASCAR media corps ask NASCAR, ISC and SMI what is the policy about bathroom access at those events at those facilities. No, I'm not kidding. Target, a big NASCAR team sponsor, issued a press release last week announcing its position. NASCAR stupidly opened the door to such a question last year, and again this year when Brian France and some drivers endorsed Donald Trump, then France seemed shocked that the egoist CEO of its Truck series sponsor pushed back. NASCAR has put itself into the arena, so let's get an answer to this politically correct issue.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


There is much that could be said. No doubt, given the realities of social media, others will do at least some of that. Out of respect to the family, friends and fans of Dan Wheldon, I will stay silent this week. Thank you. God Bless.