Tuesday, September 09, 2008


For the third consecutive year, I'll Blog the Chase, starting next week.

For now, though, I can't go without expressing concern for the outrageous double-standard and elitist treatment too many in the media have directed at Sarah Palin. The governor of Alaska and Republican vice presidential nominee's life story includes family, hockey mom, hunting and snowmobiling -- not the priorities in the media's Georgetown and New York social hubs.

Showing how truly out-of-touch with the American people the media elites are, I have heard several pundits say Palin is not qualified because she's never appeared on Meet The Press or other Sunday talk shows. MSNBC's Chris Matthews -- whose own combination of ego and arrogance is matched in my experience only by Andrew Craig -- literally screamed on-the-air last week that Palin "MUST" appear on such a show (the obvious implication being his). Matthews looked miffed when Pat Buchanan informed him he could not "order" her to appear!

There's a lot to say -- and learn -- from how the media has acted in recent weeks. I'll get into that in detail in the next few weeks.

[next Tuesday, Blogging the Chase . . . ]